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Linda Gray
Linda Gray : I have been using K4 since 2001 and am very happy!
Bill Short
Bill Short : I'm glad I found K4 today, I was in a real pickle and needed to get my job done.
Susan Alexander
Susan Alexander : I really appreciate the job Aamir has done with my PC. I don't know what I would do with it.
Ahmed Soloman
Ahmed Soloman : I didn't really know how to use computers, but my kids need them for school. I bought a PC from them and they even offered free computer classes for me to attend on Tuesday nights.
David Hollows
David Hollows : My internet was playing up for weeks so I called K4. Samad came around and knew the problem straight away. I just wished I had called him weeks early.
Beth McEary
Beth McEary : We just can't trust our computer and it's data with anyone. We have been a customer for over 7 years now. And when ever there is a problem, we go straight to K4.